Welcome to Tomboy…

Do you want clear skin, smaller pores and less noticeable sun damage???  How about some nutrition and hydration for your dry patches; face & lips, cuticles & cracked fingertips, elbows & knees, toes & heels?

Hal’s skin care regimen:


  1. Removes her makeup with Clear Creek Cleanser.
  2. Tones her T-Zone to remove excess makeup & salts with Watergirl Toner.
  3. Gently applies a few drops of Standing Fern & Cornblossom Red Oil to forehead, ears, upper lip and neck.
  4. Sloppy Kiss Facial Moisturizer to face and neck.
  5. Generously applies War Woman Salve or Lilly Lotion to arms and elbows, chest, belly, glutes, knees, feet and heels.


  1. No cleansing.
  2. Applies Sloppy Kiss Facial Moisturizer to face and neck.
  3. A drop of Flower Power Eye Creme under each eye.
  4. Sunscreen to all exposed areas.
  5. Truckstop Eddy concealer to eyelids, imperfections.
  6. Lip balm , mascara, makeup.