Welcome to Tomboy! This is who we are, Tomboys! We play on the rocks and rivers of this place we call home. Our skin care cannot be generated in a lab. It must be wild and free, like us.

The ingredients we use to formulate our products have flourished under the hot sun and drank from the summer rains. The herbs and roots lie hidden under the forest canopy and seek deep the Earth’s nutrition. We gather our herbs before the dew has dried on the plant to ensure the highest quality active oil content.

We have an intimate knowledge of plants and their beneficial properties, like the Shamen before us who taught the ancient ways. We believe that outer beauty is an echo of your physical, emotional and spiritual fitness and that health is a function of a strong connection to the Earth.


“Hello Melissa, I wanted to be the first to share the great news. Tomboy has WON the National Best Brand Award. Congratulations on your big win!”         Mark Lundin