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Knoxville’s Startup capstone event, the Innov865 Pitch Compeition, at the Bijou Theatre, September 21st!

Welcome to Tomboy..    We ethically formulate herbs and roots from the deciduous forest into cleansers, lotions, salves and makeup for our own brand of women…the Tomboys!  Our products address sweat, dirt and exposure to the elements.  They are organic, earth-inspired, preservative-free, safe for the environment and meet the adventure crowd on their own turf.

Ahhh… the Tomboys:  adventurists, mavericks, minimalists, misfits, wanderers, risk-takers, free-spirits, hippie-chics, nature girls, gypsys, scouts, outriders and wayfarers.

Our ingredients have been kissed by the summer sun and felt the whispering winds of the Plateau.  The herbs and roots lie hidden under the deciduous forest canopy and seek deep the Earth’s nutrition.  We have an intimate knowledge of plants and their beneficial properties, like the shamen before us.  We believe that outer beauty is an echo of your physical, emotional and spiritual fitness and that health is a function of a strong connection to the Earth.

Tomboy has a reputation for results!




“Hello Melissa, I wanted to be the first to share the great news. Tomboy has WON the National Best Brand Award. Congratulations on your big win!”         Mark Lundin