About Us

Mission Statement:

Tomboy makes organic skincare products for women with an adventurous spirit steeped in a commitment to hometown values and rural entrepreneurism.

“Science and academia are close to my heart . Not just for the obvious reasons, but also because my business was born in a high school science classroom at Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute in Jamestown, Tennessee.  Whether you are an educator, a scientist or an entrepreneur, success is about bringing out the best in the people around you to reach your goals.  And if you are lucky, your people will bring out the best in you!!!  

And that is exactly what happened to me.  Except my people were non-degreed and between the ages of 15-18 and I was teaching high school chemistry and science.  My intuitive, creative-thinking  students conducted an experiment in the classroom.  Little did we know that what we created in the classroom that day would come to outperform anything on the traditional market for the relief of poison ivy symptoms.  And a business idea was born:  a smart, new solution to solve an age old problem.”

Melissa Kreis-Stephens, Founder/CEO Tomboy Organic Skincare Co. (LLC) formulates organic plant salves, skin care and makeup using herbs and roots from the native deciduous forests of the southeast.   In 2016, Tomboy won the American Choice Best Brand Award.  That same year Tomboy’s War Woman Scar Oil Salve won Trailblazer Girl’s Top Skin Care Products of 2016.   Tomboy adheres to the FDA’s Compliance Training & Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for natural products and cosmetics.  They follow FairWild Standards and the World Health Organization Guidelines for collection of medicinal plants.  We are a hometown, grassroots business that manufactures in Deer Lodge, Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau.