About Us

Tomboy Organic Skincare Co. (LLC) formulates organic plant salves, skin care and makeup using herbs and roots from the native deciduous forests of the southeast.   In 2016, Tomboy won the American Choice Best Brand Award.  That same year Tomboy’s War Woman Scar Oil Salve won Trailblazer Girl’s Top Skin Care Products of 2016.   Tomboy adheres to the FDA’s Compliance Training & Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for natural products and cosmetics.  They follow FairWild Standards and the World Health Organization Guidelines for collection of medicinal plants.

Tomboy manufactures in Deer Lodge, Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau where they are making plans to revitalize their hometown and champion rural entrepreneurship in the area.

We are the Tomboys; our own brand of women, a new breed of business.