Before & After Shots

We like to let the pictures do the talking.  But we will say that nature has a solution for everything.  Our forest products work with your body to alleviate skin care issues.  So, the better your nutrition, fitness level and emotional health….the better your skin will be.


Cookie sheet arm burn. Right pic: War Woman Scar Oil-Two weeks later.

Bottom picture:  Jewel Salve (2 days time lapse)Poison ivy, 2 days after using Jewel Poison Ivy Salve. (Traditional cortizone shots x2 did not touch this case of pi.)

Right picture:  Nature Girl Facial Scrub (3 months)Cystic acne, 2 months after using Nature Girl Facial Scrub.

Left picture:  Standing Fern & Cornblossom Red Oil (21 months)

Chiggers – Top leg: Bella Bug Balm, Bottom legs: No Bella Bug Balm