Clear Creek Cleanser


Refreshing and light, clear creek gently dissolves sweat, dirt and oil. The perfect cleanser for active women who need re-hydration and antiseptic suds in one bottle!

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Your Science Lesson: As sweat and sebum mix on the skin surface, they form a protective layer referred to as the Acid Mantle. Slightly acidic, the Acid Mantle creates a barrier to contaminants neutralizing their chemical effects on the skin that may cause acne, cysts, dry skin and infection. Soaps and detergents are alkaline or basic (pH ~12) and can strip away the Acid Mantle leaving skin vulnerable. Know the pH of any cleansers, moisturizers, makeup and other products to ensure the integrity of the Acid Mantle.

Directions for use: Massage into skin with gentle circular motions with a facial brush, Mia Clarisonic Brush or shammy cloth. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry. Also, try our Watergirl Toner to close pores and refresh skin.

Fluid Molecules: Organic coconut & olive oils, organic jojoba oil, organic aloe vera, Vitamin C&E and a blend of organic plant oils.

4 oz white bottle

8 oz amber bottle



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