Jewel Poison Ivy Salve

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As little as one billionth of a gram of urushiol oil from the poison ivy plant can irritate sensitive skin and the oil can stay active on unwashed clothes and dead plants for up to five years! Yikes!

Directions for use: If you come into contact with poison ivy, wash skin in cold, soapy water and pat dry. Apply Poison Ivy salve often or at least 2x per day.  Organics are easily absorbed by body tissues.

2 ounce jar

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Michelle Foister Bowman reviewed Tomboy Organic Skincare Co. — 5 star

June 25

“Ok friends, I had to share this. These Tomboy Organic Skincare Products are AH-MAZING. I’m a chapstick snob and I love this chapstick. The poison ivy cream stops itch as soon as you apply it and it has also worked miracles on this rash/skin condition that my dad has had since he’s been in the nursing home (he’s been in there for over two years and NONE of their prescription creams helped to keep it cleared up). The muscle cream is the real deal too (it has cayenne pepper in it). I highly recommend Melissa and her products!! She even met me on a Saturday because my son was miserable from poison oak. She drove 30 minutes out of her way just to save me some drive time and brought me samples of some of her products. That was fantastic customer service.”


1 review for Jewel Poison Ivy Salve

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lisa (verified owner)

    We live on a farm and my husband often gets poison ivy. He tried this salve and the rash dried up within 24 hours. Normally it takes much longer.

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