Jewel Poison Ivy Salve


Our wild-harvested wetland herbs steeped in organic coconut oil stops itch, heals rash & inflammation and dries blisters fast. Also quick relief for insect stings and bites.

2 ounce jar

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Remarkable as it sounds, the natural cure for poison ivy usually grows close to it in nature. Poison ivy rash is caused by urushiol oil from the leaf. As little as one billionth of a gram (or nano-gram: 1 grain in a bucket of sand) can irritate sensitive skin and the oil can stay active on unwashed clothes and dead plants for up to five years! Yikes!

Directions for use: If you come into contact with poison ivy, wash skin in cold, soapy water and pat dry. Apply Poison Ivy salve often or at least 2x per day, organics are easily absorbed by body tissues.


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