Standing Fern and Cornblossom Red Oil


Seabuckthorn and a proprietary blend of deciduous forest roots are the powerhouse plants that dominate rosacea. Carried by jojoba oil that mimics your skin’s own sebum, the nutrition and antioxidant load in this blend will decrease redness and inflammation, inhibit bacteria, regulate natural oil production, normalize barrier function and promote the growth of healthy skin cells.

“We are not conquered. Remember my children. Remember my people.”

1 oz (30mL) glass dropper bottle



Directions for use: This oil can be used morning or night. For best results, use after a shower or bath, while skin is still moist and warm. Gently massage into facial tissue, or any place that needs nutrition. To give you an idea of the results our customers are getting, see below:

“Dear Tomboy, I am going to need more Standing Fern/Cornblossom Red Oil in my life! I absolutely love it! I have less redness in my cheeks and pores are smaller. My husband and people at work are asking me what I’m doing differently to my skin because they can tell a difference too! I am so impressed with it! I’ve only been using it one week! Unbelievable! Love love love it! :)”


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