War Woman Salve


2 ounce jar

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Directions for use: Swipe clean fingers through salve and apply to affected area. For best results, use after your shower or bath while skin is still warm and moist. Massage into skin thoroughly.

Patriots, Lovers and Spies—

Tomboy respectfully acknowledges Nancy Morgan Hart for being a remarkable woman of yesterday so that we may be remarkable women of today! Nancy Morgan Hart was born in 1735. She stood over 6 feet tall, had red hair, freckles and scars on her face from small pox. Nancy was an expert sharpshooter and hunter, making sure her family of 9 children never went hungry. She was a sought after midwife and healer, using herbs to cure many common ailments of the time. These attributes combined with her capacity for hard swearing lent her a reputation far beyond the average housewife.

During the Revolutionary War, the story told in Georgia is that when Nancy was forced to entertain a group of British soldiers for a meal, she killed two of them with their own guns and hung them out back on a tree. But you know how stories go…. then 150 years later, in 1912, grading crews working for the Elberton and Eastern Railroad uncovered the bodies of not two, but six British soldiers and the stories of Nancy Morgan were made into legend.

Nancy is honored in Georgia as a remarkable Woman of the Revolution. Hart County bears her name and her portrait hangs in the state capital. If you visit Georgia, check out War Woman Creek or “Wahatchee” named by the Cherokee in her honor….. and not, I might add, earned lightly!


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