Melissa Kreis-Stephens is the founder and CEO of Tomboy Organic Skincare Co., an organic skin care company that formulates plant salves, skin care and makeup using herbs and roots from the native deciduous forests of the southeast.   In 2016, Tomboy won the American Choice Best Brand Award.  That same year Tomboy’s War Woman Scar Oil Salve won Trailblazer Girl’s Top Skin Care Products of 2016.  She has a B.S. in Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries from the University of Tennessee @ Knoxville.  Melissa is manufacturing in her hometown of Deer Lodge, TN on the Cumberland Plateau where she is revitalizing her hometown and championing rural entrepreneurship in the area.  She has a passion for whitewater kayaking, rock climbing and medicinal plant chemistry.

Melissa has been a speaker or interviewed at the following events:

  • HGTV-Maker Story interview video
  • WVLT -TV Local 8 Made in Tenn: Tomboy Organic Skincare Co. live
  • The Governor’s Conference-Launch TN: Championing Entrepreneurship in Rural Tennessee
  • NACCE Community College Leaders Symposium: Entrepreneurs Among Us
  • The New Republic-Appalachia Needs Big Government (interview by Laura Reston)
  • Mercury Magazine-The Tomboy Story (interview by Brandon Bruce)
  • Knoxville Entrepreneurial Center Video interview-Tomboy and the KEC
  • Women in Entrepreneurship Coffee-Keynote Speaker: Building a Brand-The Tomboy Story
  • 2017 TVC National Summit-Business Pitch: Tomboy-Smart, Innovative, Collaborative
  • AgWorks Demo Day Tomboy Pitch
  • Tomboy Investor Breakfast Pitch
  • Innov865 Startup Day Pitch Competition
  •        Speaker Tennessee Tech University for Advertising and Merchandising Class



Contact Info:  

Email:  melissa@tomboyskincare.com