What is the shelf life of Tomboy products?

We package our products in small sizes for a reason, so that you will use them up long before their best buy date.  We set that date at approximately one year from purchase.

How and when should I apply the plant salves?

War Woman Salve and Miss Muscle Fever (Do not apply Muscle Fever on broken skin.) work best after a shower or bath while your skin is still moist and warm.  Use a gentle approach for Bella Bug Balm, JewelSalve and Somer Sun Relief as these salves are usually covering sensitive skin. Generally, you can apply our salves anytime. Your body temperature will warm them up and make application easy.

I have allergies to corn, soy, peanuts, gluten and tree nuts. Are Tomboy products safe for me?

Tomboy products DO NOT contain corn, soy, gluten or tree nuts.  We NO NOT use peanuts or peanut derivatives in our products but Tomboy does not claim to be peanut free, nor do we hold any certifications to that effect.

Where can I find Tomboy products?




Coblentz Store, Deer Lodge

Hairology Salon, Midtown






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