Bohemian Body Shimmer


Unconventional, sultry, sparkly body shimmer…

Taking our wisdom from the ages, Bohemian Body Shimmer applies the same healing properties once used for wounds to your skin and hair.  This herbal treatment will absorb moisture making your skin softer and smoother but also has the ability to dry out blemishes and keep skin clear.

Face:  use to set makeup and add a little sparkle to your day!

Body: shake a silky, sultry layer under clothes or use after a workout.

Hair:  as a dry shampoo it will banish greasy scalps and refresh hair.

Note:  Bohemian Body Shimmer not only has superior properties to talcum powder, but is a much safer alternative to carcinogen-laced cosmetic powders.

Check your labels!




Bohemian Body Shimmer’s main ingredient is Arrowroot powder.  Dating back 7000 years, Arrowroot is a wound healer and native peoples used it to treat injury from poisoned arrows…hence the name.  It’s medicinal properties seized gangrene, spider bites, rash, burns, athlete’s foot and dried out wounds.


3 oz shaker bottle


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